Let students think about your challenge or problem.

Does your organisation have a challenge for which it can use the help of Ghent University students?

DO! helps you to get your challenge to the right professors and students, on time for academic year 2021 – 2022 and with the right support.

What are we looking for?

Every academic year lots of students are working on projects during their studies at Ghent University. These enable them to have a positive impact on our society.

We are looking for organisations with a concrete problem or questions for which they are looking for a practical solution and a fresh pair of eyes. More open-ended challenges which are less concrete are also welcome. We focus on hands-on project work with a limited research questions, lots of learning opportunities for the students and a positive societal impact larger than only for the involved organisation.

There are 4 types of questions:

  • You are looking for an advice or strategy for a certain topic.
  • You see a problem or challenge for which you are looking for a new solution, concept, product or service (to use or commercialise by yourself or the students).
  • You have a problem or challenge for which you are looking for a (technical) proof-of-concept to show whether a solution could work (to use or commercialise by yourself or the students).
  • You are looking for helping hands that join your organisation to tackle problems in-house.

What’s the process?

The Call for Challenges matchmaking takes 3 steps. At this moment we are in step 2: looking for challenges and problems.

Step 1: Collecting courses

In the first phase we list all courses or projects at Ghent University with an interest in receiving challenges.

Take a look at the overview of all courses


Step 2: Looking for challenges

In the second phase we look for governments, organisations or companies who have challenges that students can work on.

Deadline: 15 August 2021


Step 3: Matchmaking

Once the challenges are in they are screened and we can start the matchmaking. We bring organisations and professors in contact which each other.

During academic year 2021-2022

How can you join?

It’s quite simple: you submit as many challenges and problems as you want through the online form. If you would like to provide the submission both in Dutch as in English, you need to submit a seperate form for each language. The information that you submit on the form will be published on the website without editing.

We expect that organisations are willing to provide an interesting learning opportunity for the students, that they are flexible in the project when it comes to size and scope and that they are available for the interaction with and the support of students.

In return you receive a fresh pair of eyes on your problem or challenge. Depending on the type of project, your choices and the choices of the professor, the rights on the final result could be transferred to your organisation or to the students to give them a chance to develop their entrepreneurial potential.

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