Community Service Learning

Students commit themselves to start up and implement a project within and together with a social organization that can offer a solution to social challenges associated with a digital society.

Goal of the course

Students contact, in group, a social organization working within the specified theme (this organization can be introduced by students or by the lecturer). In consultation with the organization concerned, a project is developed and started to provide an answer to a challenge that the organization is facing. This project will determine the specific focus of the fieldwork.

During this practical experience, the students participate for 10 weeks in daily operations in a position designated by the organization. The central aim of the course is that students are actively involved in non-profit organizations or governmental organizations, and are challenged to use their communication science knowledge in a creative way for these organizations.

The students

Master Communication Science

Input at the start

  • a short video explaining the challenge they face
  • brainstorm with students about potential solutions
  • facilitate an internship for the period of 10 weeks (between February and May)

End result

A 10 week internship where students implement their innovative solution

Example projects

New course: Students are encouraged to reflect within a social theme (e.g. sustainability, loneliness, health (awareness and prevention), well-being, inclusion and exclusion (digital divide), mobility, or migration and integration), about the problems and the challenges that these problems create within social organizations.


Teaching language



Worktime for students

210 hours


Year course