Sports Technology and Innovation

The course deals with the latest sports & health tech insights and helps the students in going from idea / challenge in the field to an initial concept solution.

Goal of the course

Students work on various aspects in the innovation process ranging from how to set up a project, to finding problem-solution and product-market fit to conceptualizing the solution and thinking about an initial business model. They also pitch the project at the end.

The students

2nd Master students (Movement and Sports Sciences)

Input at the start

A briefing document and time to discuss the challenge with the students and me

End result

Some initial validation of the main assumptions, a basic idea about the possible solution and a presentation to summarize current work and possible next steps.

Example projects

The course has just been initiated in the current academic year, students worked on their own idea, ranging from smart flooring solutions for basketball, to applications for remote sports psychology support, rehab assistance, real-time energy monitoring for cyclists, etc.


Teaching language



Worktime for students

90h for the full course (lectures and assignment work)


Year course