Product innovation in the food industry

In this course the students apply different skills and knowledge they acquired in their education. They develop a new food product from A to Z and don't only look at the food safety, but also at the sustainability, the financial aspect, logistics, ...

Goal of the course

We expect a challenge around a niche or type of food products, such as develop a new food product with certain characteristics, for a specific audience, ... to meet a certain need or solve a problem. There should be enough room for the creativity of the students to be innovative. Quite quickly we introduce concepts such as unique selling points after which they develop different aspects such as product formula, nutritional aspects, production process, safety and quality, company strategy, financial plan, sustainability analysis, ...

The students

This course is taught to 2nd master students bio-engineering - food science For the marketing strategy we join forces with students Commercial sciences

Input at the start

A clear briefing document which defines the need or the problem clearly and max 3 criteria or unique selling points which the final result should have. There should be freedom for the students to be creative. At the start of the project it is possible to talk to the students themselves.

End result

The students develop a new concept for a food product with an accompanying basic business plan, in which they dive deeper in the food safety, production process, packaging, sustainability, marketing and business model. This all is presented in a written report and a presentation. The final result is a finished concept but not yet finished to put on the market.

Example projects

In the past a wide range of innovative food products were developed such as a protein rich desert for elderly people, a sandwich filling based on sweet patato, fried icecream, smoothies with food leftovers, ice pralines based on goat cheese, ...


Teaching language



Worktime for students

The students work on the project for 7 months with 4 to 5 hours a week per student. In each group there are around 4 students.


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