Business process management

Following the Business Process Management lifecycle the students will (1) learn to create business process models using the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN); (2) learn how business process models can be implemented and used in practice using different approaches and finally (3) learn how the evaluate and monitor the business processes and their corresponding implementation.

Goal of the course

In groups, the students need to develop a business process model in BPMN that represents the business process of an existing business. This business process model needs to be analyzed and improved using BPM methods like value-added analysis, simulation, ... .

The students

Second year students Master Business Engineering.

Input at the start

- Information to position and model the process model
- Data that can be used to analyse the as-is process model
- Feedback on the redesigned process model

End result

An as-process model that is analyzed and improved.

Example projects



Teaching language



Worktime for students

10 hours


2nd semester