Project Excellence Programme in Sciences

In this project, students are stimulated to perform research within the Faculty of Sciences, but linked somehow to a topic that can have a societal impact.

Goal of the course

Projects can vary, but the common factor is that students start from their own discipline (their bachelor program in Sciences) and work on a project that goes beyond strict scientific research in the sense that a societal impact has to be identified. Reporting of the project outcomes are then also communicated in a form that allows a broader audience as target stakeholders.

The students

It's a two-year course within the Excellence Program of Sciences, where students from that start their 3rd bachelor year in Sciences (all programmes in the Faculty of Sciences) enrol for, which are admitted based on their grades from their first two years.

Input at the start

Suggestions for challenges that have a societal impact and that could be tackled by 3rd bachelor students in Sciences.

End result

From supportive scientific research for future concrete realisations to actual designs of solutions to problems.

Example projects

(1) Study on the impact of covid-19 lockdown measures on CO2-emission, (2) improving mathematical algorithms that can increase the efficiency of modelling approaches, (3) AI-based identification of cellular structures.


Teaching language



Worktime for students

The project has an equivalent of 10 ECTS.