Corporate finance in practice

Students need to solve a concrete problem of corporate finance in a company, based on the academic knowledge they acquired during their studies.

Goal of the course

This course has as goal to prepare students for a future job in corporate finance. Thanks to the different cases in this course, the students come in contact with the real life world and they are confronted with real financial topics. The case work shows how the taught techniques are being applied in real life. The project helps them to integrate different problem solving techniques and methods from different fields such as corporate finance, valuation and risk management, advanced corporate finance, advanced financial statement analysis, cases in corporate finance and research methods in corporate finance. We always start from a real problem from the field, linked to actual financial topics. The project is developed in a small team, with an active supervision from the research group and professionals.

The students

Masterstudents TEW (Applied economical sciences), Corporate finance

Input at the start

The companies develiver a financial topic, problem or transaction (based on an actual topic) that they experience within their company. They also add the needed numbers, data and background information to solve this problem.

End result

Depending on the needs the student team will propose a model solution, a tool or any other suggestions so the company has a concrete answer.

Example projects

Valuation model for (take-over) companies. Cash management in Covid-19 times. Investment strategy for business angels. ....


Teaching language



Worktime for students

6 credits - fieldwork (at least) 35 hours


2nd semester