Public policy analysis

Analyse a societal problem, developing alternative solutions and proposing the best solution.

Goal of the course

The students work in teams of 4 on an actual societal problem in Flanders. They investigate how different stakeholders define this problem and then choose their own scope. Once the problem is defined sharp enough they start looking for possible solutions. The options are systematically screened and evaluated to select the best one. That solution will be presented in the form of a policy advice.

The students

This course is mandatory for 2nd bachelor BPM, the linking course and preparatory program BPM and 3rd bachelor PSW. These students are already familiar with institutional - governmental setting of our country and are expected to follow media and current developments and trends.

Input at the start

An external organisation can suggest a problem for which the students will make a group assignment in this course.

End result

A developed analysis of the problem at hand and advice for a solution.

Example projects

In this course very diverse topics are handled such as the staff shortage in Flemish residential care centres, the high costs of school materials for socially vulnerable families, unacceptable behavior during sports and leisure activities, the lack of shelter for grazing animals, the water shortage in Flanders, etc.


Teaching language


Worktime for students

The students work on different parts of the assignment during the course moments. They are expected to work min. 1 to 2 hours per week on the project)