Strategic sports management and policy

Students sport management learn to create a strategic plan for sports organisations and learn to tackle strategic challenges in a critical way on the level of sport organisations and sports management.

Goal of the course

Students make a strategic and critical analysis of a sports organisation to be able to propose concrete strategic choices and solutions for the challenge(s) at hand for this sports organisation.

The students

2nd master year in Movement and Sports Sciences (Sports Policy and Sports Management), with 1 or 2 Erasmus students from Norway

Input at the start

Meetings with students to brief them, relevant documents, possibility to talk to other people in the organisation if needed.

End result

Final report and presentation. The process is supervised by Annick Willem and assistant.

Example projects

Strategic plan for the development of Gantoise hockey and hockey site Watersportbaan.


Teaching language



Worktime for students

3 credits or 90 hours, the team size is 6 to 7 students


1st semester