Interdisciplinary project

During the interdisciplinary project the students apply the knowledge they acquired during the 3 years of their bachelors degree on a big project. This project topic is suggested by an external partner and includes the development of a smartphone application and/or a web application with accompanying backend.

Goal of the course

The students use the SCRUM principle to design and develop a piece of software in three sprints.

The students

The students are 3rd bachelor students in Industrial sciences (IT).

Input at the start

A description of the problem at hand, an assignment, ...

End result

The students develop a prototype, for example a mobile and/or web application with accompanying back end.

Example projects

In the past the students developed a mobile app for car sharing, a learning platform for kids, a website for elections, an application to parse drone logs and represent these in a web app, a website for labeling medical scans, an app to scan business cards, ...


Teaching language



Worktime for students

150 hours


2nd semester