Strategic communication challenges

Students help the organization solving an issue with their external or internal communication based on a desk and empirical research.

Goal of the course

Students perform a desk research and empirical research in order to find a solution for a communication issue of an organization. This can be an issue with internal (e.g., motivate employees, improve internal communication tools, etc.) or external communication (both marketing or corporate communication, e.g., improving reputation, finding new target groups, improving communication with different stakeholders). Based on a thorough analysis of the organization, academic literature and an empirical study (qualitative or quantitative), students formulate specific recommendations which can be implemented in the organization to solve the issue. In addition, they write a communication plan which is integrated in a policy report for the organization. Students present their work to the organization in May. Students work in groups of 4.

The students

Master students Communication Science - Communication Management (Strategic Communication)

Input at the start

Before the start:

  • A short video in which they describe the organization and the communication problem they have.
  • An infosheet with practical information

During the course:

  • Invite students to the organization once and discuss the problem with them
  • Give them all necessary background information and access to the communication tools for an audit
  • Facilitate the research (email list of employees or stakeholders, allow them to talk to employees, etc.)

At the end of the course: Attend the final presentation in May

End result

Report with an analysis of the case, the results of the research, recommendations and the communication plan. Presentation of the work.

Example projects

Employer Branding; Recruitment of a specific target group; improving internal communication; find a new tool to communicate with job students; attract new (paying) members; engaging employees; develop a CSR strategy; develop social media strategy; branding; improve reputation; etc.

Both profit and non-profit organisations can participate in this excercise. We need about 20 organisations each year.


Teaching language



Worktime for students

210 hours


Year course