Bio-inspired project

Tackle everyday problems through inspiration from how nature has solved problems - a valorisation approach from biology.

Goal of the course

Students go through the whole design thinking process, from identifying a challenge (technology pull approach) or an opportunity from a biological system (biology push approach) towards working out an application that is based on the biological function and structure. The focus is mostly on the process, rather than the final product.

The students

Students of the first master Biology but is open to anyone with a background in biological sciences

Input at the start

  • Provide suggestions for challenges that students can tackle, but where there is room to apply the design process from a bio-inspired approach
  • provide technical advice and/or support when students start to work towards prototypes
  • bring students in contact with other expertise outside of biology by relevant for the biomimetic translation of biology to technology
  • bring students in contact with possible user groups and/or stakeholders

End result

A sustainable solution to their challenge/problem, an approach by thinking out of the box from within biology, ...

Example projects

Last year: designing a water repellent and collecting fabric to be used in tents; this year: to produce recyclable phone cases made from mycelium.


Teaching language



<p>Depending on the project, a limited budget might be needed to purchase prototyping materials.</p>

Worktime for students

Course is 9 credits (thus estimate of 270 hours)


Year course