Develop a markting communication plan for a healthy frozen snack.



Moqqi Foods BV

We make healthy eating for kids and parents with honestly healthy and truly delicious snacks.

Wat is de opdracht?

Moqqi is introducing a new category to the food market: healthy frozen snacks for kids that are ready to eat in 1 minute. Currently, consumers don’t look for snacks for their kids in the freezer isle and it will take a change in habits, a very good product and excelent marketing to attract customers Freezer space is evolving and consumer behaviors are changing but there is still a long way to go. Moqqi plans to launch its products in retailers early 2023 and plans to enter The Netherlands, France and Germany in the next 5 years. To enter the Belgium market Moqqi needs in depth information about the market, the culture and how to best reach its customers.

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