Develop attestable interior fire doors with materials, design and dimensions that are heritage proof.



Urban Archaeology and Heritage Conservation Service – Team Heritage Conservation

Team Heritage Conservation takes care of the architectural heritage in the City of Ghent, monitors the quality of restorations and renovations, conducts building history research for this purpose, recommends restoration grants for valuable non-protected heritage and informs about the architectural and funerary heritage in the City of Ghent.

Wat is de opdracht?

Fire safety legislation imposes conditions on interior fire doors in places where compartmentalization is required. These conditions conflict with the required preservation of heritage values in historically valuable buildings.
The dimensions and design of the types to be developed must take into account very diverse historical contexts. Existing types are currently limited to swing and sliding doors and regularly have too low a door height.
Fire resistant doors must be attested. The aim is to expand the current range of fire doors to be attested. This assignment arose from long-standing shortages within the restoration sector. A practical example of this is the compartmentation of an inner door in the stairwell of the Hotel d’Hane-Steenhuyse in Ghent.

Welke ondersteuning kan er verwacht worden?

– Real and diverse situations within Ghent heritage buildings where the problems can be demonstrated and the types simulated, with in particular the stairwell of hotel d’Hane Steenhuyse.
– Expert guidance from the Team Heritage Conservation and the Ghent Fire Brigade (standards, attestation).
– Feedback on the possibilities of the product(s) to be developed as a commercial product.

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