How can cities develop sustainable eco-resilient housing?

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Bordeaux Métropôle

Bordeaux Métropole / CROUS / Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Wat is het probleem?

These are challenges related to on campus sustainable housing(s) which aim to approach the question from both a multicultural and multiclimatic perspective, and to seek solutions for the major challenges of providing quality housing on campus.

The aim is to develop a living-lab on the issue of sustainable housing in order to question and experiment the economic and social aspects of student housing. The focus will be on the creation, operation and collection of data on the issue of a sustainable habitat in our environment. The project brings together students, societal actors, local authorities and consumers in order to develop collective awareness and engagement around eco-resilient habitat. The lead researcher is Philippe Lagiere.

A wide set of societal and regional academy partners have expressed an interest in this student-led project:

  • Urban Forum, Nobatek project, INF4, Darwin (living space, urban agriculture and housing),
  • Social housing landlords
  • Social innovation Associations: Eturécup, AFEV (Kapseurs), Compagnons Batisseurs, BatiACTion
  • INRAE ​​ – wood industry sector, CRNS / I2M, Pôle PEP, wood cluster StartUps:
  • Bordeaux Métropole / CROUS / Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine,

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