Tackling Digital Barriers

Galway City Council is in the process of adopting a Digital Strategy for the City. This strategy has been created in consultation with a variety of stakeholders in the city including the Insight Centre in NUlG. The challenge that needs to be addressed is to develop a methodology whereby the partners within the Digital Strategy can assess their digitization activities to identify the potential for digital exclusion that might occur and identify corresponding measures that they can implement in tandem with the activity to reduce the risk of digital exclusion.

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Get Galway Moving Smarter

Transportation policy is a very important strand to our work at Galway Chamber. Galway has prolific transport problems which are linked to the geography of the city, its historical element and lack of attractive options other than the car. But economically the problem of congestion is very costly for our city and our members therefore it is critical that the chamber works to support local stakeholders in whatever way we can to significantly improve the sustainability and efficiency of the transport network in #OurGalway.

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