Gelijkheid (equity)

Tackling Digital Barriers

Galway City Council is in the process of adopting a Digital Strategy for the City. This strategy has been created in consultation with a variety of stakeholders in the city including the Insight Centre in NUlG. The challenge that needs to be addressed is to develop a methodology whereby the partners within the Digital Strategy can assess their digitization activities to identify the potential for digital exclusion that might occur and identify corresponding measures that they can implement in tandem with the activity to reduce the risk of digital exclusion.

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Equitable Access to Third-Level Education & Employment for International Protection Applicants, Refugees & Ethnic Minorities Across the European Union:

There are approximately sixty-five million displaced people around the world today, with twenty-five million of those living as refugees. For context, this level of forced displacement has not been witnessed since the end of the Second World War. Seeking International Protection (IP) is a fundamental human right, and each signatory of the 1951 Geneva Convention on the Protection of Refugees must assess any application for IP sought within their sovereign territory. There were 400,000 applications for IP in Europe in 2020, with the majority of refugees fleeing war-torn regions in the Middle East and Africa. This level of displacement is only set to rise in future years due to the impacts of climate change, geopolitical instability and other rights abuses. For these reasons there is a need to assess how Europe treats those seeking IP within its borders.

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