Gezondheid en welzijn

Tackling Digital Barriers

Galway City Council is in the process of adopting a Digital Strategy for the City. This strategy has been created in consultation with a variety of stakeholders in the city including the Insight Centre in NUlG. The challenge that needs to be addressed is to develop a methodology whereby the partners within the Digital Strategy can assess their digitization activities to identify the potential for digital exclusion that might occur and identify corresponding measures that they can implement in tandem with the activity to reduce the risk of digital exclusion.

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Galway – GDPR as a competetive advantage

Drawing on the existing capacity in AI, big data and analytics, associated with SFI research centres, there is a clear opportunity to develop a virtual ‘Living Lab’ within the region. As part of a European network, this will enable iterative testing of new ideas across the region, offering a single point of contact to coordinate data research at scale in a living lab. A key enabler at a global level for a living lab as a data testbed is the protections offered by GDPR as the main English speaking country within the EU.

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Creating a Social Innovation Education Hub

Radical innovation in technology and the economy can enable social transformation. To tackle the big challenges society faces, we need to embed social innovation in business models. We need to think differently about social business and shift the mindset of investors and consumers to move away from the 3rd sector towards a more sustainable business model, which is “Social Enterprise”.

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